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Oak Dining Furniture

Welcome to the home of National Furniture's extensive collection of Oak dining furniture. With over 500 suitable Oak dining products here you're bound to find something to suit your specific furniture need. See more.

Oak is a type of hardwood, one of its characteristics being that it is extremely strong. It's for this reason that many countries use Oak as a symbol of strength, for example the use of 'Oak leaves' within some military insignia, and the fact that Oak remains the national tree for many countries throughout the world, including England.

Oak has been used as a principal material for furniture construction for many years. The intrinsic qualities associated with Oak lend themselves nicely to the construction of quality Oak dining furniture. The strength that Oak offers is obviously a bonus and dramatically extends the lifespan of dining room furniture which is used regularly, such as Oak dining tables.

Our Collection of Oak Dining Furniture

Oak Dining Tables

Here at National Furniture we have an outstanding collection of robust Oak dining tables available and there is a wide range of shapes and sizes of table to choose from. We have chunky Oak dining tables which feature a nice thick table surface and big stable legs, perfect for a rustic country kitchen.

Oak Dressers and Sideboards

The number of Oak dressers available here at National Furniture is extensive. We have all you could need in terms of Oak dresser tops and bottoms. Some dresser pieces available feature glazed doors, these allow for the display of items of your choice, which could be ornaments or china for example.

In addition to the Oak dressers and tops available, here at National Furniture we also bring you an impressive collection of Oak sideboards to complete your Oak dining furniture set. In style, many of these sideboards coincide with some of our other Oak dining furniture pieces that are in stock. From wide to narrow items, these sideboards are available in a multitude of Oak styles, and are constructed from wood sourced from many different fabulous Oak producing countries.

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Oak Furniture

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